Meteor X10D 5/4/3 Frontzip 2022 Wetsuit


The Meteor X10D 5/4/3 Frontzip 2022 extracts ultimate warmth from a light weight wetsuit. Because the wetsuit is super light, you have optimal freedom of movement. This is the wetsuit of choice for the newschool boys. The wetsuit offers slightly less warmth than the Magma, but gives you extra flexibility in return. The Meteor X10D features Triplex X10D and SD2 taped seams. If you are looking for a light wetsuit with a lot of freedom of movement, this is the wetsuit you need.

  • 5/4/3 mm Neoprene
  • Front zip
  • Airfoam neoprene
  • Plywood X10D
  • SD2 Tape

Manera Meteor X10D Wetsuit 5/4/3 Front Zip

Very comfortable and flexible wetsuit from Manera

The Manera Meteor X10D is the ultimate performance wetsuit. The wetsuit has excellent thermal properties to provide your body with a lot of heat. This wetsuit has a thickness distribution of 5/4/3, making the wetsuit ideal for the winter. The wetsuit consists of 3 layers. The outer layer is made of Re-flex skin with optimal flexibility and high UV protection. The layer underneath is the middle layer of the wetsuit and is made of Airfoam neoprene which is a lightweight neoprene type and ensures optimal freedom of movement. The chest, back and thighs have Fleece Plus on the inside of the wetsuit, which provides a large amount of warmth and has quick drying properties. The other parts on the inside of the wetsuit have X10D Jersey on the inside for a soft feeling against the skin. The neoprene layers are glued together and then blind stitched. Then the SDĀ² tape is welded to the seam by an air heater. This innovative process provides more durability, water resistance and flexibility in the Meteor X10D.

The Manera Meteor X10D 5/4/3 has a front zip that gives a lot of advantage. The front zip may make it a little more difficult to put on the wetsuit, but it offers a huge amount of freedom of movement. Thanks to the front zip, it closes very well around the neck, so that hardly any water penetrates the wetsuit. If a little water does penetrate the wetsuit, there is a Water Strainer at the ankles. This Water Strainer ensures that the water is drained quickly. The wetsuit comes with ankle straps that keep the wetsuit in place at the ankles. It also prevents water from entering the wetsuit through the ankles.

The Meteor X10D offers you a lot of freedom of movement to be able to move as well as possible during the sickest tricks! In addition, this wetsuit offers a large amount of warmth to put an end to cold and frustrated sessions. All together the X10D makes the ultimate high performance wetsuit from Manera!


  • 5/4/3 mm Neoprene
  • Front zip
  • Airfoam neoprene
  • Magma fleece plus
  • SD2 Tape
  • Best materials: Plywood X10D: Reflex Skin, X10D+ Fleece, X10D Jersey
  • Water Strainer
  • Phantom ankle straps
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