Ozone Enduro V3


The Ozone Enduro is extremely well finished and extra reinforced. A kite with a mega versatile feel and multiple adjustment options so you can use it for Foil, Freeride and Freestyle!

  • Ozone Enduro V3
  • Ozone quality
  • Triple Ripstop Tejin Technoforce
  • Sleek profile
  • Direct steering behavior

Ozone Enduro V3 2022 Kite

Allround performance freeride kite from Ozone

The Ozone Enduro takes versatility to a new level. The third version of the Enduro owes its all-round feel to a variable bridge geometry. You can adjust the bridle yourself in three different settings: freeride – wave / foil and freestyle. With this you can fine-tune the Ozone Enduro V3 and adjust the kite feedback and bar pressure as desired. This makes the Ozone Enduro a great freeride kite, regardless of your riding style or conditions.

The Ozone Enduro has a high-end construction and you can see that immediately when you take it out of the bag. The quality has been refined to perfection and one of the best at the moment. The kite is equipped with Teijin”s Technoforce triple ripstop. This makes the kite very robust and durable. The seams are double stitched for extra reinforcement. The struts of the kite are connected directly for an extra responsive steering behavior. The trailing edge is also reinforced for extra durability.

Thanks to the 4line pulley less system, the Ozone Enduro V3 2021 Kite steers very directly and feels very stable, even in strong winds. It has a wonderful lift and does exactly what you want. Kiteloops also go smooth and easy with the enduro thanks to the fast steering behavior. All in all, a wonderful kite for the intermediate to experienced freerider who likes to ride a kite that can do everything.


  • Exceptional construction from the Ozone factory
  • Designed with OZ-CAD
  • Teijin TechnoForce Triple Ripstop awning & Teijin
  • Triple Ripstop dacronn
  • 4-line pulleyless bride system
  • Internal reinforcements
  • Double stitched seams
  • Load Distribution Panels
  • Direct Connect Struts
  • Reinforced struts and leading edge
  • Reinforced trailing edge
  • Low profile aerodynamic scuff pads
  • Unique bladder construction
  • Tuned bridle geometry
  • One Pump Infation system
  • Trim options for the back line
  • Fool Proof Line Connectors
  • Nice storage bagOzone Enduro V3 2021 KiteOzone Enduro V3 2021 KiteOzone Enduro V3 2021 KiteOzone Enduro V3 2021 Kite

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