X10D Impact Vest Zipfree


The Manera X10D impact vest protects you against the hardest crashes! The impact vest has a harness zone especially for kite surfers.

  • Without zipper
  • Shot eraser pads
  • X10D neoprene
  • Anti slip

Manera X10D Impact Vest ZipFree

Kitesurf crash vest without zipper from Manera

The Manera X10D impact vest will protect you against the impact of hard crashes. This way you can confidently practice new tricks and jump higher than ever without fear of taking too much damage in a crash. This X10D impact vest fits perfectly into Manera’s X10D line, because it stands for ultimate stretch and freedom of movement.

The X10D impact vest is made of super flexible neoprene with Shot Gum foam crash pads. This thick padding is super shock-absorbing, soft and flexible. The ideal combination for a comfortable impact vest. There are special anti-slip ridges on the inside so that the X10D impact vest stays in place around your wetsuit. Especially for kite surfers it has been taken into account that you wear a trapeze, which is why the X10D impact vest has no crash padding around your waist.


  • Kitesurf impact vest
  • Without zipper
  • Shot eraser crash pads
  • X10D neoprene
  • Anti-slip
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